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Good quality feed is vital to rearing your stock, we provide a wide range of high quality seed stock to replenish, reseed and repair your paddocks. if you need assistance or a product not listed in our product listing, contact us and let us help. For further information see the Western Australia Department of Agriculture website
We stock a wide range of seeds including the following main types: Clover A range of clover including Balansa Enduro, Riverina Sub and Trikkala. Ryegrass 25Kg bags of various strains from Ryegrass Annual Blend, Dargo and Rocket to Ryegrass Wimmera Oats Supplied in 40Kg bags, choose from a selection of Carrolup, Pallinup, Swan and Winjardie Mixes / Blends Blends of clover/ryegrass as well as pasture mix and green manure mulch Inoculant Inoculant Alosca groups AL, C, F and S supplied in 25Kg bags Grasses Kikuyu supplied in 1Kg bags For a full list of stock, please download the Range PDF at the top of this page or contact us for more information
Checklist Ryegrass Clover Mulch
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